Fortnite iOS: 7 Wins and Frustrations for Japan’s 2025 Return

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In a significant development for mobile gamers, Epic Games has announced that Fortnite will make its highly anticipated return to iOS devices in Japan by late 2025. This news follows a recent legislative change by the Japanese government and the Diet, which passed a new law designed to open up mobile app stores. This move marks a pivotal moment for both developers and gamers, offering renewed access to one of the world’s most popular games on a previously restricted platform.

fortnite iOS will return to Japan in 2025

A Long-Awaited Return

The journey to this point has been tumultuous. In 2020, a major dispute between Epic Games and Apple led to Fortnite’s removal from the iOS App Store, leaving millions of players worldwide without access to the game on their iPhones and iPads. This conflict stemmed from Epic Games’ attempt to bypass Apple’s 30% commission fee by introducing a direct payment system within the game, resulting in a legal battle that saw Fortnite being banned from iOS devices.

While the exact number of Japanese players affected by this ban is not publicly known, it is estimated that a significant portion of the global player base, which exceeded 70 million users at the time, was impacted. The absence of Fortnite on iOS in Japan has been keenly felt by the gaming community, especially considering the country’s strong market for mobile gaming.

Legislative Changes: A New Hope

The catalyst for Fortnite’s return to iOS in Japan is a groundbreaking law passed by the Japanese government aimed at loosening the control exerted by major tech companies over their app stores. This new regulation is expected to foster a more competitive and open environment for mobile app developers, ensuring that gamers have greater freedom in choosing and accessing their favorite games and applications.

Epic Games took to the social media platform X to share their excitement about this development, stating:

“A big win for mobile gamers and developers: the Japanese government and the Diet have passed a new law to open up mobile app stores! The Epic Games Store & Fortnite will be coming to iOS in Japan in late 2025.”

This announcement has been met with widespread enthusiasm from the gaming community, signaling a positive shift towards more inclusive and player-friendly practices in the mobile gaming industry.

What to Expect

While specific details about the re-launch of Fortnite on iOS in Japan remain scarce, it is anticipated that the game will return towards the end phase of Chapter 6. This period is expected to bring new content, updates, and events, which will likely enhance the re-launch experience for returning players.

Epic Games has yet to provide a precise timeline for the re-launch, but the established target of late 2025 gives developers ample time to ensure a smooth transition and optimal gaming experience on iOS devices. The return of Fortnite is not just a win for gamers but also sets a precedent for how digital marketplaces might evolve in response to regulatory changes.


Fortnite’s return to iOS in Japan marks a significant milestone in the ongoing evolution of mobile gaming and digital market regulations. The new law enacted by the Japanese government demonstrates a commitment to fostering a more open and competitive environment for app developers and gamers alike. As we look forward to late 2025, the anticipation builds for what promises to be a celebrated comeback for Fortnite on iOS, reigniting the passion of countless players who have eagerly awaited this moment.

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