iOS 18 Vs iOS 17: Exciting Must-Know Upgrades for the Latest OS

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The arrival of a new iOS update is always a highly anticipated event in the tech world, and with each iteration, Apple aims to capture the imagination of millions of its fans worldwide. As the backbone of the company’s ecosystem, iOS serves as the operating system for iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touch devices, shaping the way users interact with their devices on a daily basis.

With each new release, Apple not only introduces innovative features and enhancements but also tries to set the bar higher for usability, performance, and security. The unveiling of iOS 18 is no exception, promising a slew of upgrades that aim to redefine the user experience through customization, enhanced photo management, and the introduction of a new personal intelligence system. Here are top upgrades packed with iOS 18 that make the latest OS an upgrade worth waiting for.

iOS 18 Vs iOS 17

Customization and Capability

Enhanced Personalization: Apple, during the WWDC event, emphasized that the new iOS update significantly enhances personalization. iOS 18 introduces extensive customization options for the Home Screen, Lock Screen, and Control Center. These changes offer users a more personalised experience, allowing them to tailor the interface to their preferences. Users can now easily rearrange widgets, change app icons, and apply themes that reflect their personal style. The Control Center has been redesigned to allow more intuitive access to settings and frequently used functions.

Redesigned Photos App: One of the standout changes in iOS 18 is the comprehensive overhaul of the Photos app. Unlike iOS 17, the new Photos app features a unified view that automatically organises photo libraries, making it easier for users to find and enjoy their memories. This unified view is complemented by new collections that let users browse photos by themes such as events, locations, or subjects without the need for manually creating albums. Furthermore, the app introduces the ability to pin favourite collections for quick access and a new carousel view that highlights favourite people, pets, and places, enhancing the overall browsing experience.

Messages Enhancements: The Messages app receives significant updates in iOS 18, adding powerful new features that enhance communication. Users can now use text effects to animate specific letters, words, phrases, or emojis, making conversations more expressive and engaging. The introduction of text formatting options such as bold, underline, italics, and strikethrough adds a new dimension to text-based interactions. Additionally, the ability to schedule messages for later delivery is a highly requested feature that iOS 18 finally brings to the table, allowing users to send messages at the most convenient time.

Apple Intelligence System: A major addition in iOS 18 is the Apple Intelligence System, which leverages advanced generative models combined with personal context to deliver highly relevant insights and actions tailored to individual users. This system takes advantage of Apple silicon technology to better understand language and images, enabling more effective actions across apps. Whether it’s suggesting the best times for meetings based on past interactions or providing tailored content recommendations, the Apple Intelligence System aims to simplify everyday tasks and enhance productivity.

These features in iOS 18 mark a significant leap from iOS 17, focusing on personalization, enhanced media management, and smarter communication. Stay tuned for Part 2, where we delve into more exciting updates including new privacy features, performance improvements, and integration with other Apple services.

Privacy, Performance, and Integration

Enhanced Privacy Features: iOS 18 takes privacy to the next level with a suite of new features designed to protect user data. One of the most significant additions is the Privacy Dashboard, which provides a comprehensive overview of how apps are using personal data. Users can see detailed reports on data access, including location, photos, camera, and microphone, allowing them to make more informed decisions about their privacy settings. Additionally, iOS 18 introduces on-device processing for more tasks, ensuring that sensitive data never leaves the device, further enhancing user privacy.

Improved Performance: Performance improvements are always a key focus for Apple, and iOS 18 delivers on this front with optimised system performance that ensures a smoother and more responsive user experience. The new OS introduces advanced resource management techniques that reduce app loading times and improve multitasking capabilities. Battery life has also been enhanced, thanks to more efficient power management algorithms that adjust usage based on individual patterns. These performance upgrades make even older devices feel faster and more capable.

Seamless Integration with Apple Services: iOS 18 enhances the integration with Apple’s suite of services, making the ecosystem more cohesive and user-friendly. For instance, iCloud+ receives new features like expanded storage options and enhanced security measures such as Private Relay, which ensures that internet browsing is secure and private. The integration with Apple Music and Apple TV+ is also improved, providing users with a more seamless media consumption experience. Furthermore, the new OS offers deeper integration with Apple Watch, allowing for more advanced health and fitness tracking features.

Health and Wellness Features: Building on the health features introduced in iOS 17, iOS 18 includes new tools to help users monitor and improve their well-being. The Health app now supports more metrics, including mental health tracking, sleep analysis, and menstrual cycle tracking. These features provide users with a more holistic view of their health, enabling better-informed decisions about their wellness. Additionally, the new Mindfulness app integrates seamlessly with the Health app, offering guided meditations and stress-relief exercises tailored to individual needs.

Siri Enhancements: Siri becomes even smarter and more intuitive in iOS 18. The voice assistant now supports more natural language processing capabilities, allowing for more conversational interactions. Users can set up custom voice commands for specific tasks and automate routine actions with greater ease. Siri’s integration with third-party apps is also improved, enabling more complex and useful interactions across a wider range of applications.

Augmented Reality (AR) Capabilities: iOS 18 brings significant advancements in augmented reality, leveraging ARKit 5 to deliver more immersive and realistic experiences. New AR features include improved object recognition, spatial audio integration, and enhanced graphics capabilities. These upgrades open up new possibilities for developers to create innovative AR applications for education, gaming, and productivity.

With these updates, iOS 18 sets a new standard for mobile operating systems, offering users a more private, efficient, and integrated experience. From enhanced privacy features and performance improvements to deeper integration with Apple services and cutting-edge AR capabilities, iOS 18 is a compelling upgrade that continues to push the boundaries of what a mobile OS can achieve.


iOS 18 represents a significant leap forward from iOS 17, introducing a range of enhancements that elevate the overall user experience. The update brings extensive personalisation options for the Home Screen, Lock Screen, and Control Center, allowing users to tailor their devices to their preferences more than ever before. The Photos app receives a comprehensive overhaul, simplifying photo management with a unified view and new collections.

Messages enhancements add dynamic text effects and scheduling features, while the new Apple Intelligence System provides personalised insights and actions, making daily tasks easier and more intuitive. Privacy is significantly enhanced with the new Privacy Dashboard and on-device processing, ensuring user data remains secure. Performance improvements ensure a smoother, more responsive experience across all devices, and deeper integration with Apple services enriches the ecosystem.

Additionally, health and wellness features are expanded, Siri becomes more intuitive, and augmented reality capabilities reach new heights with ARKit 5. Overall, iOS 18 sets a new standard for mobile operating systems, offering a more private, efficient, and integrated experience, making it a compelling upgrade that continues to push the boundaries of what a mobile OS can achieve.

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