Visit Vanilla Tweaks 

Head over to the Vanilla Tweaks website. This site offers a variety of customizations, and we'll be focusing on the 3D section for the mace. 

Choose the 3D Mace Option 

Navigate through the Resource Packs section and select the 3D mace from the options available. If you're only interested in the mace, you can skip straight to this part. 

Download Your Custom Pack 

After making your selection, hit the orange "Download" button on the right. This will compile your choices into a downloadable pack. 

Install the Pack in Minecraft 

Open Minecraft and go to "Options" then "Resource Packs." Click "Open Pack Folder" and move your downloaded 3D mace pack into this folder. 

Activate and Enjoy 

Move the 3D mace resource pack to the active section in the Resource Packs menu. Load up a world, equip the mace, and enjoy your enhanced 3D weapon! 

Follow these simple steps to elevate your Minecraft gameplay with a stunning 3D mace, ensuring every swing feels powerful and immersive.