Mirzapur Season 3 

Mirzapur Season 3 release date: July 5, 2024, on Amazon Prime Video, introducing fresh conflicts and alliances. 

Kaleen Bhaiya's Dominance 

Pankaj Tripathi returns as Kaleen Bhaiya, a central figure in the Mirzapur cast, recovering and plotting his comeback. 

Guddu Pandit's Reign 

Ali Fazal as Guddu Pandit struggles to maintain control, facing threats from new and old adversaries. 

Golu Gupta's Revenge 

Shweta Tripathi Sharma's Golu Gupta embraces her dark side, seeking vengeance and power. 

Beena Tripathi's Machinations 

Rasika Dugal's Beena Tripathi, a pivotal player in the Mirzapur Season 3 cast, navigates new alliances and dangers. 

The Tyagi Brothers' Intrigue 

Vijay Varma returns as Shatrughan Tyagi, bringing new challenges and conflicts to the throne. 

Madhuri Yadav's Campaign 

Isha Talwar as Madhuri Yadav, the Chief Minister, aims to eradicate crime, posing a major threat to the criminal empire. 

Sharad Shukla's Strategy 

Anjumm Shharma's Sharad Shukla, a cunning don, allies with Kaleen Bhaiya, intensifying the battle for supremacy 

Robin and Dimpy's Support 

Priyanshu Painyuli and Harshita Shekhar Gaur as Robin and Dimpy Pandit, respectively, form critical alliances to protect their interests. 

Ramakant Pandit's Legal Battle 

Rajesh Tailang as Ramakant Pandit faces a high-stakes trial, adding to the season's tension and drama.