Ways to Wake Someone Up Over the Phone 

Discover 5 surefire ways to wake someone up over the phone, even if it's on silent or Do Not Disturb 

Override Silent Mode Settings (iPhone) 

Open Settings, tap Focus, choose Do Not Disturb, then People. Add yourself under Allowed Notifications

Use Find My Device Feature (iPhone) 

Open the Find My app, select the device, and tap Play Sound to trigger a loud alert, ensuring they hear it even on silent. 

Use Find My Device Feature (Android) 

Open Find My Device, sign in as guest, and select Play Sound. This triggers a loud alert on their phone, waking them up 

Install Third-Party Alarm Apps 

Try Galarm for buddy alarms, Snoozle for audio messages, and WakieChat for wake-up calls from strangers. These apps help ensure they wake up. 

Enable Emergency Bypass (iPhone) 

Enable Emergency Bypass in contact settings to allow calls and messages to bypass Do Not Disturb, ensuring you can always reach them. 

Fun Alarm Apps (Air Horn) 

Install Air Horn for loud sound effects that grab attention. Use it as a ringtone or play it near them to wake them up quickly. 

Fun Alarm Apps (WakeMe) 

Use WakeMe to send custom alarm tones. Friends or strangers can send wake-up calls, adding variety and fun to their morning routine. 

Bonus Tip: WiFi Sunrise Alarm 

Connect a sunrise alarm to WiFi. Use an app to control the alarm and set a gentle light to wake them up naturally and comfortably.