Apple Warranty Update Alert 

Apple recently updated its warranty policy. Single cracks on iPhone and Apple Watch screens are no longer covered under the standard warranty 

What's Covered by Standard Warranty? 

Apple’s one-year limited warranty still covers: – Defects in material – Workmanship issues under normal use – Battery malfunction – Hardware failures due to manufacturing defect

Importance of AppleCare+ 

For enhanced protection, AppleCare+ is crucial. It extends coverage and includes accidental damage protection: – Drop – Liquid exposure Each incident has a service fee based on the device.

Cost of Screen Repairs 

Without AppleCare+, single screen crack repairs will be out-of-pocket: – Standard warranty excludes accidental damage – Repair costs can be significant

Why This Matters 

Consider AppleCare+ when buying new Apple devices: – Potential savings on repair cost – Peace of mind against accidental damage

Advice for Consumers 

Know your warranty coverage: – Review terms carefully – Consider AppleCare+ for added protection – Tailored plans for different needs and budget

Making Informed Decisions 

Think about your device usage: – Frequent risks? – Accidents likely? AppleCare+ might be a wise investment for long-term savings and peace of mind.

Final Thoughts 

Stay informed and protect your tech: – Understand your warranty – Make smart choices for device protection Apple’s update highlights the need to consider all coverage options!