Finally, a Calculator on iPad! 

The long-awaited Calculator app arrives with iPadOS 18, featuring Basic, Scientific, and the innovative Math Notes mode. While it's great to have, it leaves us wondering why it took so long. 

Revolutionary Math Notes 

Math Notes transforms the way you solve equations on the iPad, recognizing handwritten equations and instantly solving them. It’s a game-changer for both education and daily calculations, but some may question its necessity. 

Smart Script for Clearer Handwriting 

Smart Script tidies up your handwriting in real-time using Apple Pencil, making your notes legible. It's a blessing for messy writers, though perfectionists might find it too intrusive. 

Customisable Home Screen and Control Center 

Personalize your iPad like never before with flexible app placement and theming options. This brings a Mac-like feel to the iPad, but some might find it overwhelming. 

Small Changes with Big Impact 

From a new Tab Bar in apps to enhanced screen-sharing via SharePlay, these small tweaks improve usability. While not headline-grabbing, they make a noticeable difference in daily use.