Concord’s Bold PSN Move: Bridging Gamers Despite Backlash

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Sony’s commitment to expanding its PC gaming presence is evident in its recent strategies, including the implementation of PlayStation Network (PSN) requirements for certain games. This move has sparked a range of reactions within the gaming community, particularly following the backlash surrounding Helldivers 2. However, the developers of the upcoming 5v5 first-person shooter (FPS) Concord are standing firm on their decision to require PSN registration for PC players from the outset.

Ensuring Seamless Cross-Play and Cross-Progression

The decision to mandate PSN accounts for PC players is rooted in the desire to create a cohesive and unified gaming experience. Jon Weisnewski, the lead character designer for Concord, emphasized that the PSN requirement is essential for enabling cross-play and cross-progression between PC and PlayStation 5 players. “The goal is for players to come together,” Weisnewski explained in an interview with Eurogamer. “For cross-play and cross-progression to work seamlessly, having that PSN layer is a technical necessity.”

Diverse Approaches to PSN Integration

Sony’s approach to PSN requirements has varied across different titles, reflecting an adaptive strategy in response to player feedback. Following the negative response to Helldivers 2’s post-launch PSN plans, Ghost of Tsushima was released on PC with a more flexible PSN requirement. Players need a PSN account for the online mode but can play solo without signing up. However, the anticipated PC release of God of War Ragnarok will reportedly require a PSN account even for single-player gameplay.

Concord’s Mixed Reception and Upcoming Beta

Concord’s announcement and subsequent details about its PSN requirement have received a mixed reception from the gaming community. While some players express fatigue with live service games, others are optimistic about the FPS’s potential, given the involvement of seasoned developers from the Destiny franchise. Despite the divided opinions, anticipation remains high for Concord’s beta phase, set to launch in July, ahead of its full release on August 23.


Sony’s strategy to integrate PSN requirements for its PC titles underscores its broader goal of unifying the gaming experience across platforms. While this approach has met with both support and criticism, the emphasis remains on creating a seamless, interconnected gaming environment. As Concord prepares for its debut, the gaming community eagerly awaits to see how these strategies will unfold and impact the future of cross-platform gaming.

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