Pico 4S VR Headset: Thrilling Upgrades and Surprising Features

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New Specs and Features Point to a Game-Changing VR Experience

Recent leaks suggest that Pico is preparing to release a new VR headset, rumored to be called the Pico 4S. Although the company has remained tight-lipped, VR enthusiast Luna has shared details allegedly obtained from industry insiders and early developer versions of the device.

Revolutionary Hardware Enhancements

The upcoming Pico 4S is expected to feature a powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 Gen 2 chipset, a significant upgrade from its predecessor. This new chipset promises improved performance and enhanced VR experiences. Additionally, the headset will reportedly come with 12GB of memory, ensuring smooth and efficient operation for users.

High-Resolution Displays for Immersive Visuals

One of the standout features of the Pico 4S is its dual LCD screens, each boasting a resolution of 2160 x 2160 pixels. This high resolution aims to deliver crystal-clear visuals, providing an immersive VR experience. The device is also rumored to support a 90Hz refresh rate, which will contribute to seamless and fluid motion during use. The compact design may include pancake lenses and an electric pupil distance adjustment feature, offering personalized comfort for each user.

Advanced Tracking and Sensor Technology

The Pico 4S is expected to be equipped with a comprehensive suite of sensors. These include four tracking cameras, two RGB perspective cameras, and two infrared illuminators designed to capture room depth accurately. The new handle design, which may forgo the traditional ring, suggests a more streamlined and user-friendly approach.

Mixed Reality Capabilities

Luna’s reports indicate that the Pico 4S will also include exciting new mixed reality features. Users might be able to scan their physical environment and place virtual floating panels within their space, enhancing the interactive experience. These capabilities suggest that the Pico 4S will be a versatile device, blurring the lines between virtual and augmented reality.

Launch Imminent?

While the name “Pico 4S” has yet to be officially confirmed, trademarks filed by Pico earlier this year lend credibility to the rumors. Moreover, a recent certification in South Korea indicates that the headset could be released in the near future, possibly within the next few months.


The potential launch of the Pico 4S VR headset is generating significant buzz within the tech community. With its advanced specifications and innovative features, the Pico 4S promises to set a new standard for virtual reality experiences. Stay tuned for more updates as we await official confirmation and further details from Pico.

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